Friday, April 27, 2012

Vulture Crapitalist

I wish to beat you affectionately.

Vulture Crapitalist: This is a person, sometimes retired, sometimes formerly successful in running a small business, sometimes not, who sets up shop in another country.

Expecting that his pale skin and innate cultural superiority will intimidate the natives into working for him, he attempts to set up the business empire he has always dreamed of but couldn't quite pull off in the more "hostile" and "oppressive" and "over-regulated" environment back home, where actual laws are applied.

This individual is driven is to be a petty tyrant, but he is often conflicted about which kind to be.

One option is to lounge on a beach attended by servants, in a hammock, cold drinks at the ready, while letting the lazy days roll by one after another.

The other is to become rich as master of hordes of simple-minded natives who, although shifty and unreliable, will nevertheless benefit greatly from his application of The Work Ethic onto them while earning six cents an hour. If they will only submit and let him do what they really need to have done to them.


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