Monday, April 23, 2012

Of Ironing The Socks, Sir?

Why can't anyone grovel properly anymore?

Servantitude: The attitude, that everyone "here" needs at least a little attitude adjustment. And some need a lot, before they become proper servants and are really worth the four dollars a day that they are paid. Plus, they should be happy to receive less, considering that every hour on the job they get free language lessons.

Say your language is English, and your hypothetical body-servant's isn't.

Something is always lost in translation, even if you bother trying.

This might be what each of you would hear...

For to dressing him self of mornings is like this.

You: Make haste, lighted the fire and dress-me. Give me my shirt.

Servant: There is it sir.

You: Is it no hot, it is too cold yet.

Servant: If you like, I will hot it.

You: No, no, bring me my wooll stocking's.

Servant: Its are make holes.

You: Then make its a point, or make to mend them. Comb me, take another comb. Give me my handkarchief.

Servant: There is a clean, sir. What coat dress you to day?

You: Those that I had yesterday.

Servant: The tailor do owe to bring soon that of cloth, sir.

You: Have you wexed my shoes?

Servant: I go wex its now, sir.

You: It must that I may wash my hands, the mouth and my face.

Servant: Like I care, sir.


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