Friday, April 20, 2012

Cranky Old Farts

But only because I deserve it!

Whine-O-Raptor: A tough-headed, no-nonsense, generally Libertarian sort that moves away from home because things are rapidly going down hill there, because he can't afford to live there any more, can't afforded healthcare or prescription medication, and because no one agrees with him, and never has.

When he gets to his new home in his new country, where public transportation is cheap, medical care is government-subsidized, and due to his monthly $800 Social Security check, he is considered wealthy, he joins a bunch of online forums.

Then he spends 12 or more hours a day tapping out arguments, all in caps, on his keyboard, about how lazy and inefficient everyone is, and how he could whip them right into shape if he had a mind to, except that they refuse to take orders from him, which is why he May Just Go Home ANY DAY NOW IF THEY DON'T SHAPE UP!


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