Sunday, January 10, 2016

Spiritual Workshop Advance Registration


Not to be confused with Indigo Sol, the Geezer Truck Driver Latin Band out of Mukilteo, WA, or the Avalon Hills Apartments For Rent in Phoenix, Arizona, or Indigo the Moon Alpha Female of the Twilight Pack in the Faery Realms of Avalon Magic, no — this is all non-theoretical, I am Indigo Avalon Sol.

"We will be covering your ancient roots in this workshop, where you come from, how you were created, what you are doing here and how long your journey here is set to last," as stated in the poster you may have found glued on your car. (Some of you received multiple copies — you know who you are, right?)

This is the real deal and I am it - will you come please it is going to be good, and that is not a question it is a statement in fact my aura is already tingles of anticipation and you will too.

Class to begin around 6 to 7:30 for those interested, though there will be introductory lolling beginning at 4 PN (the Praeternatural Hour) until 5:30 thereafter, and a warmup phase with gentle stretching routines led by Tami. (She's good, no?) If you know her already. You might. If not then Walter will be standing by.

Personal Projectee, one Indigo Avalon Sol (me!) will share with you the answers directly from the Secret Dimensions at this seminar. True! That is a statement direct from the Orifice of The Projectee (also me!), so don't look for less. This is for real - we will sign you up for the extended session in two weeks provided you bring cash, it is strenuous for me.


  • Postulation.
  • Pause for vibrations to subside.
  • The Real Truth behind the truth of the Whatsis Throne. (Never seen on TV. Yet.)
  • Intro to the Law of One and other numbers.
  • What's up with Cliven Bundy these days.
  • Level 22 Time Matrix of Gaia you call your solar system.
  • Refreshments. (We provide air at no charge.)
  • Nap time.
  • More answers from 2 1/2 years of in-person education. (Always fun.)
  • Target dates. (Other fruits may qualify, just ask.)
  • What this has all been about if ever.
  • Closing ceremony and fee collection.

Permission may be granted to lick the toenails of Indigo Avalon Sol (me again!) on your way out, depending on audience demand. Be prepared to state your reasons.

Spiritual Workshop by contactee - advance registration

Ain't this a fun place to live? Always something going on.


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