Saturday, December 19, 2015

It Follows

It happened yesterday. Again.

I got an email from a car dealership in Durham, North Carolina. They want to help me by selling me a Cadillac.

Are Cadillacs still made? I don't know. I don't care.

Either way, I don't want any, and especially not from Brand X Auto-Kompanions & Boutique SpamHaus.

What? I should simply click the unsubscribe link at the bottom of the email? That thing down there? Way at the bottom? The thing that says "unsubscribe" but is only plain text?

Well, you gotta splain me how, that one. It might as well be mud smeared on a barn. It don't do nothin, mate.

Actually, I got a plan, a while back. Here's how it went.

I found out that Yahoo Mail has an option to block emails from specific senders, and when I started getting koochy-koo come-ons from this outfit I put their email address in there with the others.

Luckily, a year and a half back when I was looking around for a car, I did all of my searching and contacting via Yahoo, which is my throwaway email address, so now most spam comes in through Yahoo but the spammers don't know my real email address. Which is good.

But not good enough. I still get pissed. And especially this time, because somehow this last email came in right through the blocker and hit my inbox with a clunk.


There are moments when it sucks. All too many moments.

So I just wrote back saying "Go fuck yourself." And checked my list of blocked addresses.

Let's hope it works next time.

Meanwhile, there's another thing I've learned. No matter where you go, there are some things you can't get away from, not even by moving to another continent.


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