Thursday, December 10, 2015

As If I Even Needed To Mention It!

Post-pre, that's me!

Been there, done that too!

With Christmas rapidly approaching, maybe now is a good time to get your head screwed. On tight, and then brace yourself for the tidal wave of tinsel with some down-home, gluten-free Hypno Thera Pee.™

So being both a Certified Past Life Regressionist and a Certified Plant Walker, maybe I can help you get centered at the Center Of All Centers Of Things here in beautiful Cuenca. And up your good chlorophyll count too.

Hey — Bekki Huffnpuf here, at your service, nearly breathless with excitement.

I will be in town next week only so this is your chance. Normally $999.99, now only $899.99 because you've probably taken this course already, remember? No? Well, we'll get you properly lubed up and then once again pull you out of that long dark tube you keep finding yourself in, and then you will!

First some regression and then a bunch of (hopefully fun!) anti-regression. When you hear the loud Pop! you know your rebirth has been consummated.

Payment due in advance. Cash only, please. Bring a cat if you like.

Some things we will cover:

  • A variety of techniques.
  • How to chart aural flux and understand colorful diagrams.
  • Various theories.
  • When not to conduct a past-life session. (I.e., like during thunderstorms.)
  • How to ask nonleading nonquestions and other stuff.
  • What's for lunch?
  • Discerning fantasy from reality. (Just kidding!!!)
  • Dealing with memories of being an animal. (Adults only, 'K?)
  • Ethics of fleecing.
  • Powerful techniques useful for things.
  • Past-life revue. (Fun!!! And we provide the costumes!!!)

This will be an unusual combination of no-fault shamanism. And later we'll play the unconsciousness game to unwind.

I was previously well known in various parts and will have outstanding testimonials standing right outside, both clients and former pets.

Besides that, I'm a Certified Blogger, also trained in other things, and a Certified Web Master (1997), and Certified Clinical Shih-Doo Makeup Smearer, just in from the coast. Don't miss this! I'm the colorful one.

Class starts bright and early Monday at 2 p.m. Sharp(ish)! Or maybe Tuesday if I sleep late.


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