Friday, March 2, 2012

Mon Ami R Not You

Enemies maybe. Let's think about it.

Emigeezer: Someone old and cranky who has come to your country to live, and who may or may not like it a whole lot. Probably not, judging by how they act.

Many of them get exercise by complaining that the locals (like you) don't speak the right language, or they simply yell because nothing improves language comprehension like volume.

They like maids, too, and gardeners, and some of the other help available on the leftovers from a $1000 a month Social Security check. Plus the warm weather, but not the bugs that go with it.

Of course this kind of life is not for everyone. Those with more financial resources like to spend $300,000 on houses that formerly went for under $18,000, if sold to locals.

Or better yet, they like to buy in to a gated community, where the help has to check in, and wear security badges while earning their $1.75 an hour, and learning the right way to live. From the cranky geezers.

And the right way to live is on a golf course, near tennis courts, with heated swimming pools, yoga classes, and massage therapists on call 24/7. And lots of barbed wire around the edges, just in case some of the help's relatives are tempted to come by for a peek.


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