Monday, March 5, 2012

Arrr & Arrr

Keeps your mind in tip-top ship-shape condition.

Rest-and-Recreation leave: This is a stretch of time. Periodic chunks of time off, away from work, considered to be distinct from ordinary vacation time or home leave, and given to expatriates in areas where living conditions are particularly difficult.

This sort of leave may last one or two weeks and may be available once or twice a year.

You don't get this with any small company, let alone one you have started. But if it's a mega-multi-national, and the cyborgs who run things like you, or feel that you have not been used up yet, you may be allowed to have this sort of leave.

If you are lucky and/or unlucky enough to be working for such a company, your R&R leave probably includes travel expenses on the house, and per diem expenses, which you get to spend, guilt free. But may have to pay for by giving up your soul.

For that you get a change of scenery every now and then.


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