Saturday, June 10, 2017

Recommendation for Dr Kumar

Original post from GringoWorld:

Recommendation for Dr Kumar, homeopathic physician

My story is like that of so many other couples. We tried for so many years to have a child but it wouldn't happen. I had all the testing done and felt like I was getting older by the minute. One of our friends suggests finding a homeopathic physician could help us achieve our family planning plans. Word cannot express how thankful we are to Dr Kumar who is an Indian homeopathic physician in Cuenca. We have nothing but fabulous things to say about the treatment, care and moral support of this doctor. He honestly made one of the most stressful experiences of my life a lot easier to get through. After 1 year treatment, my wife became pregnant and now we are parents of a beautiful baby girl. Thank you so much for making our dreams comes true. I highly recommend Dr Kumar to those that need these treatments.

Address: Cuenca, Ecuador

Recommended by John.

So similar to what my Betty and I go through.

Dogs with long, floppy ears are frequently victims of ear infections. But Betty isn't the dog. What to do? And no ears on a parrot anyhow.

Time to see Dr. Lorraine Boogar, noted homeopathist and parrot whisperer. (True fact: parrots are yelling intolerant! Therefore the whispering! Makes sense, right?)

OK so Dr. Boogar figured out pretty quick a homeopathy treatment for Betty. Had to remove that bolus of car wax she ate last month. Without injury. Once again to free up her life force and relieve the constipation as well.

Treatment consists of Noted Vegetable Substances "tabacum" and "cocculus", plus two more secret remedies for good measure, and water. Lots water. Always the key, water.

According to Gold Prize Winners of Latest Homeopathic Olympics, "The more diluted the active ingredient, the greater the benefit. So, by definition such remedies are so diluted that the helpful ingredient is no longer detectable, even by aliens." (You know, in case of late night probing and stuff.)

Water is critical part. To treat consists of 0% active ingredients and approximately 59,256.35996*10234% pure tap water. Couldn't hurt then? Nope.

So Betty? She fine now. Eggs all over. Can't quit laying the eggs these days. Pooping like a trooper too. I feed eggs to cat (Marvin). Lucky us for Marvin to enjoy munching the parrot egg so we all OK now.



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