Sunday, September 13, 2015

When The Water Goes Away

They say that there is a certain lurking paranoia.

But I haven't tripped over it yet. Maybe I've been hiding in the wrong place. This could be the reason.

Or not. Who can say?

However, the events of daily life persist in nibbling at my ankles, which is not so good for my socks. And it is distracting. On the whole, of course, distraction is a good thing. Except when it gets to be distracting.

Today I'm a bit distraught over a certain distraction. Which is a certain lack of water coming from any tap. Here. Today.

But who am I to complain? Am I complaining? Nope — don't think so. Not enough to register on the Complain-O-Meter, as far as I can tell anyhow.

I'm only here as an observer, and to emit money while not becoming overly annoying, if I can help it, and no one wants another annoying old guy hanging around. So I'll not complain, but wait.

I hear we're due to receive water this evening at 6 p.m. Is what I've heard. And I got my shower in. I'm clean. Barely, of course. Barely but done, and clean. And things could be worse.


So if you want me I'll be down my hole, lurking until six. Unless today is the day that they come for me. But I'm wedged in pretty well so it should be another good day in the life no matter what.


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