Friday, January 10, 2014

Biz In Alternate Dimensions

Guess what? No, guess.

I think I just saw nothing made out of something, in a business sort of way.

I'm renting a place temporarily. That's fine.

It's short-term. That's fine, and it's a good place, as places go around here, possibly a little on the uphill side of cheap, but I do have furniture, a sink, a little two-burner stove, and a refrigerator.

No private bathroom though, and that's annoying, but is a minor issue considering that I plan to be here no longer than a month or two.

Tomorrow I will see the end of my first month come and go. OK, one down, maybe one more to go.

Not wanting to find my room rented out from under me, I paid my next month's rent today, even though it isn't due until tomorrow. And, since handing over $350 cash is handing over a substantial amount in these parts, I asked for a receipt. Natch. Wouldn't you?

The owner doesn't speak English, and besides not speaking much Spanish yet, I have some ongoing but (I hope fixable) hearing problems, so the owner's eldest son functioned as translator. I got assurance that the owner would bring me a receipt when she came up to clean my room.

But she didn't.

I was in a hurry to get out of her way, and lunch was imminent, so I cleared out, expecting to find a receipt on my table when I got back.


Following that, insert long silence here, with possible minor grinding of teeth.

Later in the afternoon, the aforementioned eldest son was in the building (one of three non-adjacent structures comprising the one hostal)*, so I went downstairs and asked him.

Not so productive.

The stories I got (from this one person) were that...

  • They know who I am and how long I am going to stay.
  • This is a family business and not to worry.
  • They are out of receipts until this evening.
  • If they give me a formal receipt, then they'll have to charge me tax.
  • Although I registered as a paying guest here, and provided my passport number, if I register for a second month it will be extra work because they will need my passport number.
  • Everything is fine.

All within the space of half a minute.

In the other corner, fighting on my behalf is what? I have keys to the building and to my room.

I guess that means something, right? I hope so.

* You could say it's a hostel, or a small hotel, or both.


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